NASA satellite observed a strange “cartoon” cloud mass over the Caspian Sea

ماهواره ناسا توده ابر عجیب «کارتونی» بر فراز دریای خزر رصد کرد

Satellite «TerraNASA, which is constantly monitoring the Earth, has observed an unusual cloud mass about 100 km wide at an altitude of 1,500 km above the Caspian Sea, which is more like a “cartoon” cloud.

This cloud was observed on May 28 (June 7), but Tim Observatory Has now shared a picture of it. This strange cartoon cloud, which NASA calls the strangest mass found, is the largest air mass over inland waters.

“Atmospheric scientist at the Space Research Institute, Bastian van Didenhoven”SRON“This mass is a cloud,” he said in the Netherlands, examining images of this strange cartoon cloud.Stratocumulus” it’s small. Stratocumulus from a combination of a cloud «Cumulus“Puffy and fluffy with a cloud”Cumulus“They are scattered.”

Other known cloud types include:Cyrus»،«Stratus” And “Nimbus».

This strange cloud early in the morning with the wind blowing towards Drought Guided and then dispersed there.

As we know, most clouds do not have a definite edge or border and disappear in the sky in a foggy way. But this strange cartoon cloud has very clear edges. Van Didenhoven believes that the sharp and well-defined edges of this cloud are due to the way it is formed. He says: “Hot and humid air In northern Iran, entering the sea, it turns into cold and humid air. Previously such a phenomenon in West African coasts We had seen it on a larger scale. “The west coast of Africa has similar climatic conditions to northern Iran.”

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