NASA will continue to work on the International Space Station until 2030

ناسا تا سال 2030 به همکاری در ایستگاه فضایی بین‌المللی ادامه می‌دهد

The head of NASA announced today that the country will continue its commitment to cooperate on the International Space Station (ISS) with other partners until 2030, including the European Space Agency, Japan, Canada and Russia. In 2018, a plan by the Trump administration was to stop supporting the space station by 2025. In addition, rising tensions between the United States and Russia have jeopardized continued cooperation at the station.

NASA President Bill Nelson said“The International Space Station is a symbol of peaceful scientific cooperation at the international level and has brought many scientific, educational and technical achievements to humanity over the past 20 years. I am pleased that the Biden-Harris administration is committed to continuing cooperation until 2030. “US’s continued participation in the ISS enhances innovation and competition, and advances the research and technology needed to send the first woman and woman of color to date through NASA’s Artemis program, paving the way for the first man to be sent to Mars.”

NASA remains on the International Space Station

He also said that as more and more countries enter the field of space activities more seriously, it is essential that the United States also play a decisive role. The International Space Station has so far hosted more than 3,000 studies by more than 4,200 researchers around the world. About 110 countries have participated in space station programs so far.

Continued global cooperation in the ISS until 2030 for another decade will provide the conditions for research and testing of various theories in the lower Earth orbit. The United States has already approved its share of the International Space Station’s budget until 2024 and plans to continue working with other countries on the station. However, NASA and other space agencies are likely to move to their own space stations in the late 2030s.

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