NASA’s Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft returns to Kennedy Space Center

NASA's Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft returns to Kennedy Space Center

After completing its 1.4 million-mile trip to the moon and back earlier last month, NASA’s Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft Returned to the Kennedy Space Center Is. The homecoming took place on December 30 (9). Artemis 1 crashed in the Pacific Ocean on December 11. After the USS Portland retrieved the unmanned crew vehicle and brought it to Naval Base San Diego on December 13, the capsule began a land journey to Florida the next day. Artemis 1’s record-breaking journey began on November 16 with a memorable night launch aboard NASA’s next-generation Space Launch System heavy lift rocket.

  • Successful completion of Artemis 1 mission, return of Orion spacecraft

Initiate detailed analyzes to ensure the safety of Project Artemis

Now that Orion is back at Kennedy Space Center, NASA will remove the spacecraft’s heat shield so it can conduct an “extensive analysis” of this critical piece and determine exactly how it will perform upon re-entry into the atmosphere. The agency will also detach Moonikin Campos, an experimental dummy that NASA sent to Orion to collect data on how a trip to the moon would affect humans. “Artemis was a major step forward as part of NASA’s lunar exploration efforts, setting the stage for the next Space Launch System rocket and Orion mission to fly crews around the moon on Artemis II,” NASA said.

Return of the Artemis spacecraft

NASA’s Orion Artemis 1 spacecraft has returned to Kennedy Space Center. Thanks to the @NASAGroundSys team for getting us home safely.

— Howard Hu (@HowardHuNASA) December 31, 2022

The return of the Artemis spacecraft is only the beginning of a long journey

While there won’t be an Artemis II until 2024, that’s a long way from now until next year. NASA had promised to introduce a four-person crew for the mission in early 2023. Artemis II will pave the way for the first manned landing on the moon since the end of the Apollo program in 1972, and eventually for NASA’s permanent presence on the moon. All these goals are completely dependent on the results of the Artemis spaceship’s adventurous journey and now her return home.

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