NASA’s James Webb Telescope will probably go into orbit this November

تلسکوپ جیمز وب ناسا احتمالا آبان امسال به مدار خواهد رفت

NASA’s James Webb Telescope is the largest observatory to go into space and will be at the top of the observatory for the next decade. However, James Webb will not be in orbit until 9 November 1400.

NASA has announced that the telescope will be launched in August this year PlacedHowever, he has not yet specified the exact plan for its launch, and it remains to be seen what NASA plans to do. NASA also says it takes two months to prepare the launch telescope.

The observatory has successfully completed all the pilot stages of its deployment and is now in the final stages of merging and assembling. The observatory tower is the part that supports all parts of the telescope. It also helps the telescope operate at the right temperature by opening its mirrors.

NASA, in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the Arianespace space company, is currently investigating and announcing the exact launch time. NASA has announced that James Webb will probably be launched four months after the launch of the Arian 5. This telescope has no time limit for launch and therefore can be launched any day of the year.

Construction of the telescope began in 1996 with a budget of $ 500 million. The launch of the James Webb was originally planned for 2007, but successive delays and production difficulties delayed its launch this year, increasing its budget to $ 7.3 billion. The telescope is estimated to have an estimated lifespan of about 10 years, but it is likely to have a longer lifespan.

One of the main goals of James Webb is to observe the history of our universe and, most importantly, to record the first lights in the early universe. This telescope can also help us understand the formation of solar systems with the possibility of life and evolution of our own system.

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