NASA’s MRO satellite has released an image of the Chinese astronaut Zhurang

ماهواره MRO ناسا تصویری از مریخ‌نورد ژورنگ چین منتشر کرد

A NASA satellite orbiting Mars captured a beautiful image of Chinese astronaut Zhurong on the surface of Mars. this picture Has recorded the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, or MRO for short, with its high-quality instrument, the HiRISE, from an altitude of 288 km above the surface of Mars and to the south of the Chinese surface. The blue tracks around the surface are known as “explosion patterns” that form when they land on the surface of Mars.

This image shows the Utopia Planetia region of Mars, which has an almost flat surface with no elevation. The bright areas seen in the image are surface ridges created by Martian winds. At the bottom left of the image is a surface parachute that has detached from the surface during the final stages of landing and has fallen at such a distance from the surface.

Last month, China’s space agency released a picture of a surface landing before the rover split and a few days later of the second image of Zhurang’s first steps on Mars. There are currently three active astronauts on Mars, namely the Chinese Zorang, NASA Curiosity and Endurance.

Zurang is named after the god of fire in Chinese mythology. This astronaut has six wheels and weighs approximately 240 kg. This Chinese astronaut is the first Martian robot to have a suspension system for easier movement on the rocky surface of the planet.

Zhurang is part of the Chinese Space Agency’s Tianon-1 mission, in which they successfully combined a orbiter, a surface and a rover at the same time. During his mission, Zhurang will examine signs of ancient life on the planet. The orbiter is also tasked with examining Mars’ atmosphere and maps and making maps of the planet’s surface.

Meanwhile, NASA has been conducting test flights of genius helicopters on Mars, which has been a great success. The endurance astronaut is also fully confident in the accuracy of his scientific instrument and will soon begin his main mission.

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