NASA’s persistent astronaut prepares to send the first rock sample to Earth

مریخ‌نورد پشتکار ناسا برای ارسال اولین نمونه سنگ به زمین آماده می‌شود

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover is apparently on one of its most important missions and is set to collect the first rock sample and send it to Earth for the first time.

The persistent astronaut landed dramatically on the Red Planet in early March last year, and has since spent most of his time conducting system tests and assisting with a helicopter called Ingenuity. But NASA’s most advanced astronaut, now one of its most important missions, has to take a rock sample from Mars. Extract And send it to earth. Using this example, scientists are trying to answer one of the most important questions in the world: “Has there ever been life on this planet?”

Perseverance will check the specified location

In the coming days, NASA’s six-wheeled astronaut will move to a location inside the Cratered Floor Fractured Rough. According to NASA, this area with an area of ​​about 4 square kilometers can contain the deepest and most ancient layers of the bedrock of Jizro.

At this location, the astronaut will begin his work by analyzing a small piece of pavement and extracting a small sample of rock (about the size of a piece of plaster). Once the rock sample is stored, other tools will be able to further analyze it.

He will then store the sample in a special container and bring it to Earth during his next mission. Scientists are then expected to use more advanced analytical tools to determine the status of this research.

While many observers on the mission hope the sample will provide evidence of life on the distant planet, Project Perseverance scientist Ken Farley warns against such expectations.

Not all the specimens that persevere collecting are supposed to help in the quest for ancient life, and we do not even expect this prototype to provide conclusive proof. We believe that the rocks found in this area do not contain organic matter but have existed since the formation of the Jizro crater, and this example will provide us with a very valuable geological understanding.

In addition to searching for clues to ancient life and sending the first samples of Mars rock to Earth, the objectives of the perseverance missions include describing the “Red Planet geology” and “past climate” to aid the first human voyages to Mars.

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