Nasr Organization: Filtering Google Play will lead to the death of the gaming industry in Iran

Nasr Organization: Filtering Google Play will lead to the death of the gaming industry in Iran

Nasr organization claims that filtering Google Play and other similar tools will have irreparable consequences for the game industry and the active forces in this field.

Game and Entertainment Commission of Nasr Organization Referring to a document, he explained that factors such as the filtering of Google Play Store, gaming software, and disrupting the functioning of the Internet, could further lead to the downfall of the gaming industry in Iran and the migration of active forces in the aforementioned field.

Nasr filtering Google Play

At the beginning of this document, it has been mentioned that the computer games industry is one of the biggest industries in terms of revenue generation. Also, games are considered as one of the most effective tools for education and culture. At the same time, with the recent disruptions of the Internet in Iran and the imposed sanctions, domestic game makers have lost access to modern technologies.

Nasr filtering Google Play; A harmful thing for the Iranian gaming community

The Nasr Organization says that the filtering of related platforms in this area has blocked the way for domestic game makers to operate. Nasr Organization has noted that Play Store is one of the largest platforms for the supply of mobile games and applications. The filtering of Google Play has limited the access of game makers to this big market.

Part of the document states:

Google Play tools and services provide a better understanding of the audience’s needs, product optimization, reduction of advertising costs, and a deeper analysis and investigation of the audience’s needs. The functionality of Google Play is not comparable to internal programs such as Cafe Bazaar and Miket.

During the last few months, the Ministry of Communications, by filtering the Play Store, has caused many programmers and game makers active in this field to decide to emigrate from Iran in order to find better job opportunities.

In this document, Nasr Organization considers sanctions as another problem of Iran’s gaming community:

“In this situation, the technical development of the game using game development services such as Unity, Google Developer and Firebase to receive packages, get output from the game and access tools for analysis and review of structures has become somewhat impossible. Because of this, technical teams often spend more time on non-technical issues.

Internet slowness and frequent outages have been another reason for the decline in the quality of domestic game makers’ work. These issues have led to a decrease in the volume of contacts, their level of satisfaction, and a decrease in the source of income for producers.

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