National Union Election of Virtual Jobs Canceled (Update: Official Cancellation Letter Released)

انتخابات هیات مدیره اتحادیه کسب و کارهای مجازی ۲۳ فروردین ماه برگزار می‌شود

The election of the Virtual Business Union, which was scheduled to take place on May 10, was canceled. According to the Secretariat of the High Supervisory Board, the reason for the cancellation of the elections was the order of Minister Samat Separation of this union have been. A distinction that members of the union and the guild chamber oppose.

According to Digito, citing the public relations of the Secretariat of the High Supervisory Board, the elections of this union were canceled in order to carry out the legal formalities of separating the National Union of Virtual Businesses. Union Board Elections The country of virtual businesses, after a delay, was scheduled to be held on 19 May.

The Secretariat of the High Supervisory Board has announced that, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, it will complete the formalities and legal steps of separation as soon as possible so that new union elections can be held with the maximum participation of members.

The secretariat has expressed hope that by electing the board of directors of the country’s specialized unions, the field of legal duties and monitoring the performance of members will be provided for the growth and dynamism of all classes and knowledge-based companies active in this field.

The division of the National Union of Virtual Businesses into distribution and service categories was proposed by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Services of the Ministry of Silence due to the increase and growth of activists in this field. The proposal was approved by Minister Samat and led to the cancellation of the union elections.

The separation of the National Association of Virtual Businesses has been opposed by some members of the board of directors of this union. “Reza Al-Futansab” in a conversation with Digito, Separation is an illegal act And the non-expert knew that it would lead to the weakening of the union:

“This is illegal and unprofessional, and we will pursue it 100% from the guild chamber, the parliament and all legal authorities. “It’s clear what the motives are behind the decision, which will be announced a week before the new union elections.”

In this regard, the Todd Coalition, in which figures such as Ulfat Nasab were present and had been nominated for new union elections; He will hold a press conference on Saturday, May 7, and will answer reporters’ questions about what happened.

Update May 17th

The Secretariat of the Supreme Board of Supervision of Trade Unions of the country sent a letter to the directors general of industry, mining and trade of 31 provinces and south of Kerman, emphasizing the cancellation of the elections of the National Union of Virtual Businesses.

With the official publication of this letter, it seems that the cancellation of the union elections is final.

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