Netflix bought its third game studio in six months

نتفلیکس ظرف شش ماه سومین استودیوی بازی‌سازی را خرید

Netflix announced that it was purchasing another game studio called Boss Fight Entertainment Is. This is the third game studio to be added to the Netflix subsidiary in the last six months and is set to enhance the company’s ability to offer compelling games to users.

Netflix Says Boss Fight Entertainment has a wealth of experience in creating compelling games in a variety of genres. This claim probably applies most to the developers of Bass Fight Entertainment, as the studio itself has only released one game so far.

Netflix addresses Bass Fight financial concerns

The only game of this studio Dungeon Boss It is called a turn-based strategy game for Android and iOS. The game was first released in 2015 and apparently received regular updates until December 2020. Boss Fight Entertainment wrote in a statement about joining Netflix:

“The mission of Boss Fight is to provide simple, beautiful and attractive games for users wherever they prefer. Netflix’s commitment to providing games as part of a non-advertising user subscription allows developers like us to focus on creating games themselves without worrying about monetization. “We are extremely excited to join Netflix because we want to shape the future of Netflix games while doing what we love.”

The streaming service says boss Bait Fight will remain in office at the company’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. At the moment, there is no talk about the future of Dungeon Boss and we do not know what will happen with this purchase. The game used in-app purchases, and it remains to be seen whether changes will be made to the game in the future.

Netflix earlier in September 2021 Studio Night School And earlier in March the studio Next Games Had bought.

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