New Asics study results: Running makes you happy

New Asics study results: Running makes you happy

Sportswear company Asics, in collaboration with researchers at King’s University in London, has conducted research showing that running can make people happy.

The researchers used an Emotiv EEG to record it on the heads of three professional athletes and six amateur athletes (with at least 150 minutes of exercise per week). They installed. The researchers placed the headset on the participants’ heads to obtain a benchmark at rest and performed cognitive tests on them. Participants then exercised for 20 minutes between cognitive tests.

The study found that participants’ ability to relax increased by 18%. Hasty decision-making also decreased by 28% and stress resilience by 29%. The researchers say that these numbers were not obtained by completing the questionnaire by the participants and were obtained by the EEG.

The study also found a 58 percent reduction in cognitive stress symptoms, including anxiety, forgetfulness and disorder. In addition, participants’ data processing speed increased by 26% and their memory by 21%.

Another interesting finding of this study is that the benefits of exercising for ordinary people are greater than for professional athletes. Researchers say that because professional athletes are a kind of “master” of their sport, they need less brain activity while exercising. Another interesting point is that runners who run in groups get better results than runners alone.

Using the results of this study and conducting more research in the future, the researchers say, they seek to find the ideal exercise to improve mental health.

Essex wants to use this research to encourage people to leave home and exercise during quarantine, and of course to promote some of their shoes.

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