New Crisis: Earth’s sand resources are running alarmingly

بحران جدید: منابع شن روی زمین به شکل نگران‌کننده‌ای درحال تمام شدن است

United Nations Environment ProgramUNEPHe warned against the uncontrollable consumption of sand resources and said that these resources are running out in the world and a solution must be found to the sand crisis.

Last week, the United Nations Environment ProgramUNEP»Based in«KenyaA new report with recommendations for avoiding the sand shortage crisis Published. “Unfortunately, the sand crisis is being ignored,” UNEP said in a follow-up to its 2019 report on the sand crisis.

«Pascal Paduzi“In order to achieve sustainable development, we must drastically change the way we produce, build and consume,” the UN envoy said. The sources of sand on earth are not infinite. “If we manage the extraction and use of sand, we will prevent a global crisis.”

Sand seems to be everywhere – under our feet, on walls, by the sea, etc. But have you thought about all the elements we need sand to make? Glass, concrete, sand and even a telephone device! According to the report «NPR” In the year 2017 Humans are even expanding forests and farmland to reach more sand.

Sand is formed naturally over thousands of years in the process of rocks reaching the mountain from the river. Sand plays a vital role in the environment by preventing storms, ensuring the health of natural habitats, and protecting against erosion.

The world of sand is an unregulated world, and so when sand is extracted from certain areas, it disrupts biodiversity and increases environmental hazards.

UNEP is trying to put up with international laws Forcing countries to use less sand to manage some kind of sand crisis. In this case, crushed stone and recycled construction materials or ore will replace the sand.

“The sands look small and insignificant, but we need to know that our world is built on sand and that trying to resolve the sand crisis is vital,” UNEP said in a statement.

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