New dimensions of the Anom FBI project: Development of a custom version of Android to identify criminals

ابعاد تازه‌ای از پروژه Anom اف‌بی‌آی: توسعه نسخه سفارشی اندروید برای شناسایی مجرمان

About a month ago, a report revealed that the FBI had identified hundreds of criminal groups through the distribution of anom phones equipped with a secure messenger. A custom from Android is placed on it.

Team Motherboard Who has access to one of these phones, says he is faced with a different version of the Pixel 4a that uses an anonymous operating system called ArcaneOS. This operating system has special custom settings that you will not find in regular phones or even in privacy-focused products.

For example, there is no app store on this operating system; You can not change the location-based tracking settings, and flashing the device with third-party firmwares is not possible, as the bootloader is locked and does not allow you to turn the device into a normal device.

Some Anom users said that this device was based on GrapheneOS, but they were probably lied to in order to gain their trust. Of course, Anom phones also have features such as a private chat app (available through a calculator) and the ability to move keyboard PIN buttons. Also, users could directly delete phone information with the option on the lock screen. Of course, this last feature was not to the liking of the US Department of Defense, and some Anom developers were blamed for it.

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One of the owners of the second-hand phones, Anom, says that he used a mobile phone similar to the Pixel 3a. So the FBI may have been forced to change some of its devices after the operation was leaked.

Today’s report shows how far the FBI is working to identify criminals. The organization wanted to instill in drug traffickers the notion that their phones were safe. But Anom was originally designed to provide criminal information to law enforcement.

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