New lawsuit against Amazon: Warehouse workers do not have enough time to rest and eat

New lawsuit against Amazon: Warehouse workers do not have enough time to rest and eat

A former employee of one of Amazon’s warehouses has sued the company for not allowing employees to take full advantage of their leisure time and meal time, and to completely reduce their pay.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Lovenia Scott, a former employee of an Amazon warehouse, in the Northern California District Court. squat Claims Amazon did not allow him and other employees to make full use of the 30-minute legal time for a meal after 5 hours of work and a 10-minute break after 4 hours of work.

Ms. Scott says Amazon does not schedule meal times for each shift, does not have a written law on rest and eating times that encourages employees to use them, and urges employees to always use their Wakitaki so that things do not get in the way. Have time to rest with them and respond to it.

Scott claims that the process of preparing to rest himself wastes several minutes of actual rest time. He adds that meal time is scheduled so that all employees eat at the same time, so long queues form in front of the attendance machine. According to him, sometimes it takes between 10 and 15 minutes, and if one of the staff returns late to work, Amazon will deal with him.

The employee says Amazon has automatically deducted a full 30 minutes from his and other employees’ salaries. As for the 10-minute break, he claims that Amazon does not schedule them and has placed a heavy burden on a small number of employees. According to him, the workload is so great that employees miss the opportunity to rest. In addition, Amazon has told employees to take a break only when “they think they need it.”

Scott has also accused Amazon of forcing him and other employees to use personal phones to run the company, misreporting payroll, underpaying and monopolies.

Thousands of Amazon employees at Bessemer Warehouse in Alabama will decide on the union in the coming days. Forming a union by the branch staff can force other warehouse staff to join the union and eventually Amazon to change behavior.

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