New Microsoft emojis released in 2D for Windows 11

ایموجی‌های جدید مایکروسافت به‌صورت دو بعدی برای ویندوز ۱۱ منتشر شدند

Microsoft has released its new Fluent-style emojis through a new update to Windows 11. But these emojis, as previously promised to users, are not three-dimensional and are completely two-dimensional.

New Windows 11 emojis Includes several new emojis, including the return of the Clippy emoji. In this update, Microsoft has replaced the standard paper clip emoji with the Clippy character. Windows 11 emojis generally have brighter and more attractive colors, but are two-dimensional and flat.

Microsoft, which previously promised to release its new emojis in 3D, now updated its previous post yesterday, writing: “The new style of emoji design is only available for Windows 11 in 2D mode.” So Windows 10 users will only have access to the same old emoji design.

We do not yet know what fate awaits the 3D emojis previously displayed by Microsoft. Is it possible to see these emojis in Windows 11 one day? No answer available at this time. Removing 3D emojis may be related to the technical limitations of the Microsoft color font template that the company uses to display emojis in Windows. Apple uses the bitmap template in its operating system, but Microsoft uses the vector template, which is much more scalable and takes up much less space if the emojis are flat.

Of course, we can still hope that the 3D and animated version of these emojis will be available in products like Microsoft Thames, but this design is not currently available and you must install the new version of Windows to use the 2D model of these emojis. Microsoft has made it clear that it has no plans to bring its new emojis to Windows 10.

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