New news for mobile sellers: buy online cooperation throughout Iran

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Karian Hamrah is one of the top ten mobile importers in Iran, which with the legal and official import of products of “Huawei” and “Samsung” brands and with the support of years of experience in the mobile phone market, these days has been able to gain a significant share of the country’s mobile import market. Dedicate yourself and satisfy users by providing unique services with high speed and quality. Karian Hamrah as the official representative of Huawei in Iran and also one of the official distributors of Huawei and Samsung phones in Iran, by importing and distributing the latest products of these companies has been able to provide the best services to distributors, organizations and mobile sellers in all parts of Iran. Offer.

In this regard, Karian Hamrah Company, in the continuation of sales and distribution of mobile phones in Iran, has added the new possibility of selling cooperation online to its sales system. For more information go to Mobile site See.

Benefits of Online Shopping from Mobile Carians for Mobile Sellers

If you are a mobile seller and you are looking to supply a phone for your store, buy online from Working together You can enjoy quality and safe service. Features that differentiate this company from other telephone distribution centers and traditional are:

1- Quick partner registration:

The process of registering and sending automated documents online is fast and a large part of sending paper documents has been eliminated. Supporters of Hamrah Karian are with you from the beginning of registration to the beginning of the purchase, and the registration and troubleshooting steps will be followed step by step.

2- Order registration on holidays and non-working hours:

This possibility does not exist in the traditional system of face-to-face purchases, and your ordering is limited to the day and working hours of the company, which has been solved by the possibility of registering the order of the mobile workers online.

3- Direct purchase without intermediaries:

As Karian Mobile is a direct importer of mobile phones, you can safely experience a direct purchase at a competitive price; In the period when it is not possible to distinguish counterfeit goods from the original product, buy safely by presenting the official sales invoice approved by the Department of Economic Affairs and Finance and providing a valid guarantee by the sales team.

4- Buy without worrying about instant price fluctuations:

Due to the lack of economic stability and daily growth of currency prices, you will not have to worry about momentary price fluctuations in online shopping from mobile workers.

5- Providing various baskets for all mobile phone sellers:

Mobile phone retailers often face the problem of not providing small baskets; Because most companies offer a basket of large and expensive goods that are more usable for bankers. Karian has solved this problem by offering various baskets and the possibility of selective purchase of products so that all mobile phone sellers across the country can buy.

6- Ability to buy and send goods throughout Iran:

Online shopping of mobile workers is possible for all parts of the country and the required goods will be sent to the buyer’s choice as soon as possible.

7- Official guarantee:

Karian, in cooperation with the main service companies under the brand, provides 18-month after-sales service for all its products and relieves you of the idea of ​​having the company’s original warranty.

8- Possibility of registering the device without any problem:

As you probably know, the smartphone you buy must have gone through the registry process, otherwise you will not be able to use the phone or SIM card you put in the phone after 30 days. The phone registry scheme is designed to combat smuggled goods and illegal imports. By ensuring the authenticity of the goods and having a unique peer code for the products due to legal imports, you can ease your customer’s mind regarding the ownership and registration of the phone.

Mobile workers; Guarantee a quality purchase

Working together During the years of its activity, it has always tried to appear in the current market of distinctive smartphones by distributing the update of mobile phones in Iran, guaranteeing the authenticity of goods and the support of experienced and specialized forces, and giving customers the pleasure of a safe and worry-free purchase.

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