New renderings of the Apple Watch 7 Series show a low bezel

رندرهای جدید اپل واچ سری ۷ حاشیه کم نمایشگر را نشان می‌دهند

Apple is likely to make the biggest design change in its 6-year history of smartwatches with the introduction of the Apple Watch 7 Series. Apple’s smartwatches haven’t really been redesigned in the last six years, but now it looks like it’s time for the Cupertino-based tech giant to make a big difference.

The Apple Watch 7 Series is probably better compatible with the rest of the company’s current products Will have And in this sense, it can attract users’ attention. The Cupertinos are expected to go for the flat edges and low bezel of the display for this smartwatch.

The Apple Watch 7 Series will likely be available in two new sizes, 41mm and 45mm. These dimensions replace the current 40 and 44 mm versions that have been on the market since the Apple Watch 4. This one-millimeter difference in size from Apple’s smartwatch may not seem like a big deal, but it does fuel other rumors about the device’s larger screen.

Until the 4 Series, Apple smartwatches were available in 38mm and 42mm sizes. However, with the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 4, which had a larger display, Apple increased the frame size by 2 mm. It should be noted that changing the dimensions of Apple’s new generation smartwatch will also help increase the size of its display, or Apple wants to equip its wearable gadget with a larger battery.

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Current Apple Watch models are priced at a base price of $ 399. The Apple Watch SE retails for $ 279. But if we have a bigger screen and fewer bezels, the future Cupertino smartwatches may be more expensive. However, Apple may still consider the current price for them.

The unveiling date of the Apple Watch 7 Series has not been officially confirmed yet, but Apple is expected to unveil it with the iPhone 13 in the coming weeks and in the last days of September.

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