New research: Apple Watch helps diagnose Covid-19 before symptoms appear

New research: Apple Watch helps diagnose Covid-19 before symptoms appear

Recent studies by two research centers show that Apple’s smartwatches can confirm the disease before the onset of symptoms of coronary heart disease and before clinical trials; Recognize it early.

Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York and researchers at Stanford University in California separately reviewed the Apple Watch feature done And they hope that Apple’s smartwatch can play an important role in combating coronary heart disease and other infectious diseases.

According to a study by Mount Sinai Medical Center, the Apple Watch can detect minor changes in users’ heart rates seven days before symptoms or clinical trials. The experts of this health center examined 300 health care workers in the period from April to September.

Such measurements are commonly used to assess the functioning of a person’s immune system. The main goal of the center’s experts was to determine the means of diagnosing infection at the time of infection.

One of the researchers of this project says:

“Currently, doctors’ efforts to deal with the disease rely on people who feel sick. With the help of Apple Watch, we try to identify patients who are asymptomatic. “This method can be used as a way to control infectious diseases.”

In another study, researchers at Stanford University examined the early detection of Garmin smartwatches, Fitbit and Apple. Studies by Stanford researchers also show that companies’ smartwatches can detect changes in heart rate nine days before symptoms appear.

Using the same method, the researchers were able to identify approximately two-thirds of cases of coronary heart disease four to seven days before the onset of symptoms.

Minor changes, but stable heart rate can be an alarm for Apple Watch users. Regular heart rate fluctuations are not a warning sign; But it is important to pay attention to changes that are lasting.

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