New research reports a link between weight loss and the use of a type of migraine medication

تحقیقات جدید از ارتباط بین کاهش وزن و مصرف نوعی داروی درمان میگرن خبر می‌دهد

Scientists have examined six types of migraine treatment drugs for a long time 24 days can lead to reduction 3.6 percent The weight of mice becomes obese. the details this study in the magazineExperimental MedicineIt has been published.

The researchers conducted this study based on their previous research in which they investigated the relationship between serotonin and appetite. serotonin It’s a chemical messenger that affects many things in the body—from motor skills to emotions. However, the impact serotonin The appetite is very complex. So scientists looked for a way to understand it better.

Previous trials have looked at how different drugs can 15 serotonin receptors that affect appetite. But no one on the effect of family medicine.triptanHe had not looked at his appetite.

Typically, triptans are used to treat migraines and other headaches. Now, new research by scientists shows that this migraine treatment drug can Weight Loss also help.

Scientists in this experiment six Different drugs from the family of triptans were used on a number of obese mice who had a high-fat diet for a period of time seven weeks they tested Two of the six drugs had no effect on appetite. However, the other four drugs caused the mice to eat less food. Research has shown that the use of certain drugs from migraine treatments leads to a reduction 3.6% of body weight In case of taking the mentioned medicine for a period of time 24 days will be

The effect that this migraine drug had on the weight loss of mice is certainly interesting. In the next step, the scientists manipulated the mice’s bodies so that the receptorHtr1b“, are not responsible for affecting appetite. When the rats were given furotriptan in this condition, they found that they were no longer affected by the drug. In other words, the migraine drugs no longer caused the mice to lose weight.

This point can lead to improvement and increase of options for weight loss drugs. “China LiuOne of the authors of this study says: “The data proves that migraine drugs such as furotriptan can be used for Weight Loss used. “By suppressing the appetite that is done by these drugs, the appetite to eat is reduced.”

If this drug produces similar results in humans, it could become an effective option for people trying to lose weight.

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