New research results: A happy child does not guarantee a healthy mind in adulthood

New research results: A happy child does not guarantee a healthy mind in adulthood

Recent studies show that a safe and happy childhood experience does not guarantee that you will not develop mental illness at an older age.

Researchers at the University of South Australia, in collaboration with the University of Canberra, sought to understand the impact of childhood experiences on developmental pathways and their possible association with poor mental health. this research shows The positive and negative experiences of childhood in the form of anxiety or other psychological problems manifest themselves in adulthood, so researchers believe that it is the ability to adapt (or unacceptable) when faced with unexpected scenarios that can affect his mental state.

This study once again showed that people who experienced unexpected and unfortunate events in childhood have a higher risk of developing mental illnesses such as depression and paranoia, but also showed that children who grew up in a stable and supportive environment also They are at risk for developing anxiety symptoms in adulthood.

Bianca Kahl, lead researcher at the University of South Australia, says the study emphasizes the “non-discriminatory nature” of mental illness: “This study shows that mental illness is not just the result of childhood events, but of children in happy families. “Growing up can still cause psychological problems in adulthood.”

The researcher adds that our expectations of the environment and our ability to adapt to different scenarios when they do not meet our expectations can affect the mental state in adulthood. “If we learn to adapt to change as a child and learn how to deal with things we do not like, we may be more powerful in responding to stress and other risk factors for poor mental health.” “In future research, we will focus on testing this theory.”

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