New research results: Identical twins are not genetically identical

New research results: Identical twins are not genetically identical

New research shows that genetic differences between identical twins can begin in the early stages of embryonic development and they are genetically different from each other.

Identical twins are created by a fertilized egg that splits in two. These people are important for research because there are thought to be little genetic differences between them. In this regard, when physical or behavioral differences appear between them, environmental factors are considered as the main cause.

Now New research Published in the journal Nature Genetics, it points out that the influence of genetic factors in shaping these differences has been underestimated. “A researcher named Carrie Stephenson said:

“The classical model of identical twins is used to help researchers isolate the influence of genetic and environmental factors in the analysis of diseases. Given this, if you raise identical twins apart and one of them develops autism, the classic interpretation is that environmental factors are to blame. “This is an extremely dangerous conclusion.”

According to the researcher, it is possible that the disease is due to an early genetic mutation in one of the twins. To detect genetic mutations, Stephenson and his team sequenced the genomes of 387 pairs of identical twins, their parents, spouse and children.

In their new study, they measured fetal growth mutations and found that identical twins differed from each other by an average of 5.2 early mutations. In 15% of twins, the number of divergent mutations was even higher.

When a mutation occurs in the early weeks of gin growth, it is expected to spread to the individual’s own cells as well as those of his or her offspring. In this study, it was found that in a pair of twins, there was a mutation in all the cells of one of them, and no such mutation was found in the other.

Stephenson points out that one of the twins is made of cells in which the mutation is formed:

“These mutations look attractive because they let you explore the path that led to the twins.”

Given the discovery of genetic differences, using the same word to describe twins may be misleading.

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