New research: The risk of serious heart damage in mild coronary heart disease is very low

پژوهشی جدید: احتمال آسیب‌های جدی قلبی در ابتلای خفیف به کرونا بسیار کم است

In a study, scientists showed that the Covid-19 virus could not cause serious damage to the heart. The study was conducted on 149 medical staff in London, the largest and most accurate Study There is a slight corona infection to this day.

This study was performed because of severe coronary heart disease and hospitalization, blood clots and severe inflammation that caused serious damage to the patient’s heart. As a result, doctors were concerned that a mild infection with the disease might cause similar problems.

The researchers identified people with mild Covid-19 infection after 16 weeks of saliva testing from the staff of three major London hospitals. Six months later, the researchers compared the heart and circulatory systems of 74 of the staff with 75 who had not previously had Covid-19. In this comparison, the age, gender and nationality of these people were also considered.

In these studies, there was no difference in heart size and blood pumping power between the two groups. There was also no inflammation or injury to the heart and no elasticity of the aorta in the treatment staff. There were no signs of heart damage in blood samples from the coronary artery group after six months of mild infection. However, further studies are needed to confirm this.

Since the beginning of the corona epidemic, researchers have been studying the long-term and short-term effects of the disease on the circulatory system. There is still a long way to go in this research, but knowing that the heart muscle may not be particularly damaged in mild disease can be good news for many people.

These researchers and cardiologists say that there is no benefit in monitoring patients with mild Covid-19 infection, and that those with severe disease and even those who continue to have symptoms after treatment should be treated. Have to be monitored.

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