New research: Young people are more likely to get the Corona virus again

New research: Young people are more likely to get the Corona virus again

Until now, we thought that getting the Corona virus would at least prevent us from re-infecting it with the deadly virus, but today the results of a study show that perhaps we should not rely so much on immunity to Covid-19.

According to an article in the medical journal Lancet publishedA survey of more than 3,000 US Marines has shown that young people are more likely to get the Corona virus again, although those who have already been ill have a lower risk of infection.

About 10 percent of participants in the study who had previously had a corona re-contracted Covid-19 during the six-week follow-up. In comparison, the rate of people who had not previously had a corona and tested positive during this period was 50%. The large population at military bases may have been a factor in the high rate of the infection, but researchers say there is a risk of re-infection everywhere among young people.

Of all the participants in the study, which included men between the ages of 18 and 20, 189 tested positive for serology, meaning they had previously been infected with the Corona virus and had antibodies to the virus in their blood. Most people react antibodies to the infection, meaning that the immune system makes proteins that it can fight in the future if an external agent returns. The antibody may go away a few months after infection.

“They used the level of antibodies in the body as a measure of previous infection,” said Andrew Letizia, an infectious disease specialist and lead researcher on the study. Of course, some people already had a coronary test, but no antibodies were found in their bodies at the time of this study. So the 10 percent recurrence rate may be a bit lower than it really is.

Antibody levels in those who re-infected with Covid-19 were lower than in those who had previously become ill and had not been re-infected. “Antibodies definitely help the body’s immunity, but that does not mean you are safe,” says Letizia. “It is still possible to get a corona again.”

The probability of recurrence is one-fifth

The researchers concluded, based on a study by Marines, that the risk of re-infection with the Corona virus is one-fifth that of young people who have antibodies in their body who do not have antibodies. The study in other population groups had similar results.

A review of the UK medical staff, which has not yet been independently evaluated, shows that people who have not had Covid-19 before are five times more likely to develop the disease than those who have had CORON before. In addition, another study of 4 million Danes found that people under the age of 65 had up to 80% immunity to the coronavirus six months after infection. The immunity rate among older people is 47%.

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