New Steam survey report; The popularization of installing games over 100 GB on users’ systems

New Steam survey report;  The popularization of installing games over 100 GB on users' systems

Since the release of the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, many PC owners have spent hours downloading its installation file. Because the installation size of this game is about 130 GB and it is called the largest computer game of 2023. The increase in installed volume of computer games will not only annoy people who have poor internet access, but it will also be painful for people who do not have free space in their system.

In the latest Steam monthly report, people Less than fifty percent They have more than 1 TB of free space in their system. results show 23.18 percent Users have free space between 250 GB and 499 GB and only 14.62 percent They are equipped with more than 750 GB to 999 GB of free space. The results of the second part show that users for Installing massive games They have had to delete some of the contents of their system. Five months into 2023, most of this year’s big games have installed sizes above 100GB; Such as Forspoken (120 GB), The Last of Us (100 GB), Redfall (100 GB) and Atomic Heart (90 GB).

installing games above 100 GB; The new problem of personal computer owners!

Another noteworthy point is that most of the participants only have about 100 GB to 249 GB of free space on their system. Games have been taking up more drive space for some time now. It should be noted that the size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC is about 200 GB. Users are forced to use SSD external memory to install it. Of course, they are able to remove the side contents of this game if needed. The two games Red Dead Redemption 2 and Borderland 3 each require 120 GB and 135 GB of free space to install.

Install 100GB games

This is just the beginning of the story; The role-playing game Diablo IV is coming soon, and as it turns out, users need 90 GB of free space to run this game. On the other hand, it is said that the final version of Baldur’s Gate 3 will reach 150 GB. According to Steam, the average download speed for American games is 12 MB/s; This means that downloading a 150 GB title About 3 hours and 28 minutes it takes time. Steam concludes that users must purchase an SSD for their system to install and delete games after they are finished. This is the best solution for current generation games.

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