New study: 17 minutes of mobile phone use per day can increase the risk of cancer

مطالعه جدید: ۱۷ دقیقه استفاده از موبایل در روز می‌تواند خطر ابتلا به سرطان را افزایش دهد

A US study of 46 different studies found that just 17 minutes of mobile work a day for 10 consecutive years could increase users’ risk of cancer by up to 60 percent. Previous studies, however, have not established a direct link between cancer and smartphone use.

American researchers they say That cell phone radiation can interfere with the natural mechanisms of the body’s cells and produce inflammatory proteins that damage human DNA. Damage to genetic material can cause a variety of cancers in body tissues.

The US Food and Drug Administration has previously ruled out any link between radio waves used in mobile phones and cancer due to lack of evidence. The research has been widely conducted in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand. With the increase in smartphone users, we may see an increase in cancer rates, especially in developed countries in the future. A smartphone was found in 87% of homes in 2011, up from 95% in 2020. Is.

The study leader believes that people should reduce the time of using mobile phones to a minimum and try to keep their distance from such devices during the day. Landlines are also recommended as a good alternative to making voice calls. Of course, the results are very controversial and may be criticized for being too sensitive about mobile usage. Further studies are likely to be needed to confirm the results, as some have been performed on people with cancer or animals, and the long-term effects of mobile use have not been well assessed.

It should be noted that much of this research is funded by large companies in the mobile and communications equipment industries, and their findings may be biased. However, the use of radio wave devices as recommended by regulatory agencies does not appear to pose a significant risk to users’ health. Recent research claims that radio waves can affect the calcium channels of cell membranes, causing excess calcium to enter the cell and, after penetrating the cell’s mitochondria, producing inflammatory proteins and free radicals that are harmful to genetic material and They are known as cancer.

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