New study: Hiring anonymous people in some companies is not a coincidence at all!

New study: Hiring anonymous people in some companies is not a coincidence at all!

Unfortunately, in some companies, there are managers and employees who do not observe ethical and humane principles and have a so-called dark personality. At first glance, it may seem that hiring such people in some companies and organizations is completely coincidental. But a new study shows that some portfolios knowingly and deliberately hire such staff and managers.

A study published in the journal Business Ethics shows disappointing results by examining the situation of managers in various companies around the world. It seems that some companies deliberately hire managers and forces with dark personalities and various problems such as narcissism, ignorance and even personality weaknesses in order to pursue some of their immoral goals in the portfolio.

Researchers at universities in four states found interesting results in three different studies on hiring financial managers. The results of the research show that unfortunately in some companies, narcissistic people with dark personalities are hired deliberately to take over the management of some departments in order to do things well. In fact, instead of hiring strong managers who follow ethical principles, some companies prefer to work with narcissistic managers with weak personalities so that they can do some work with the help of these negative personalities.

For example, companies that do not have clear financial documents are forced to hire a financial manager appropriate to their portfolio. As a result, in corrupt companies, most dark-skinned financial managers are involved. “Nick Sibert, a professor at the University of Maryland,” says

“Research shows that hiring such people with dark personalities is not a coincidence at all.”

Usually companies that ignore human and ethical principles also choose certain personality types in the hiring process. It is very optimistic to imagine that all the companies in the world are looking for people with high personality and self-confidence who adhere to ethical and humane principles while hiring workers. In some companies, instead of paying attention to positive skills and characteristics, other negative components are considered, which also pay special attention to it in hiring.

However, the researchers of this study especially emphasize that the powerful and great managers of the world are not necessarily people with dark or narcissistic personalities, but sometimes in making decisions in hiring, they go to people with such a spirit and personality.

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