New study: If you drink coffee before shopping, you’ll spend more money

مطالعه جدید: اگر قبل از خریدکردن قهوه بخورید، پول بیشتری خرج می‌کنید

In an interesting study, researchers found out that people who 25 until the 200 mg of caffeine (Coffee) tend to spend significantly more money on their purchases and purchase more items than those who do not consume this amount of caffeine.

In a new study Conducted by researchers from various universities, including the University of South Florida and Louisiana State University, 300 participants entered as shoppers in two different stores in Spain. The first group consisted of people who drank coffee with the usual amount of caffeine before shopping, and the other group either did not consume coffee or drank a little water.

By examining the behavior of these people, researchers have claimed that consuming 25 to 200 mg of coffee during the day makes people spend more money on shopping! Also, the number of items they buy is much more and more diverse.

The effect of coffee on human behavior

The aim of the researchers in this study is to investigate the effect of caffeine on Human behavior It was at the time of purchase. This study also shows that caffeine can affect the types of purchases that coffee consumers make.

By reviewing previous research on the effects of coffee on human behavior, they found that caffeine consumption is the cause Increased excitement has become a buyer and because of this, the amount of buying increases. “Thus, we find that individuals who intend to control their spending avoid drinking caffeinated beverages before purchasing non-essential items,” the researchers wrote.

“The fact that you consume caffeine before every purchase is very pleasant for sellers. But be aware that by consuming caffeine, you only buy emotionally and there is a high possibility that you will not check your purchase carefully and logically.”

According to previous studies, adults can consume up to 400 mg Or four cups Drink brewed coffee, of course, we recommend not to drink these cups of coffee before going shopping!

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