New study: Regular consumption of milk does not increase cholesterol levels

مطالعه جدید: مصرف منظم شیر باعث افزایش سطح کلسترول نمی‌شود

Although some previous studies have suggested a possible link between regular milk consumption and high cholesterol, a new study of two million volunteers found that people who drank milk regularly had lower levels of good cholesterol and lower levels of bad cholesterol, even when They have a higher BMI than people who do not drink milk regularly.

The results of this study in the international journal Obesity It’s been published. The results of this study do not end there, and in further studies conducted by researchers in this area, they found that people who regularly consume milk are 14% less at risk for coronary heart disease.

To achieve these results, the team looked at changes in the lactase gene, which is linked to the digestion of milk sugar known as lactose, and found that it could identify people who were able to digest lactose. The researchers used the same approach to measure high cholesterol in people who breastfeed regularly.

“Vimal Karani, a professor of nutrition at the University of Reading, says:

“By examining the status of the volunteers in this research study, we found that people who consumed milk more regularly and more than others, and despite their high BMI, had lower levels of good and bad cholesterol. Preliminary results also show that these people are significantly less at risk for coronary heart disease than others. “All of this suggests that reducing milk consumption is not necessary to prevent vascular disease.”

New research follows several previous studies that have shown a possible link between dairy consumption and heart disease due to obesity and diabetes. The study, which involved about 2 million volunteers, also found no strong evidence for milk consumption and an increased risk of diseases such as diabetes.

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