New study: Regular physical activity reduces the risk of coronary hospitalization

New study: Regular physical activity reduces the risk of coronary hospitalization

A study by researchers at the Kaiser Permanente Center shows that people who exercise regularly are less likely than others to be hospitalized, ICU and even die from the corona virus.

In the study doneThe condition of more than 50,000 people with Covid-19 was assessed. Of these, people who exercised regularly were less likely to need intensive care during coronary heart disease. Exercise not only helps reduce the risk of disease, but also reduces the risk of severe coronary heart disease.

“Robert E. “Salis,” says one of the center’s doctors:

“A healthy lifestyle has a huge impact on health, and in these days when many people around the world are struggling with coronary heart disease, a healthy lifestyle and exercise can help keep people healthy. People who exercise regularly have a higher body resistance to coronary heart disease. “At the same time, the bodies of immobile people cannot show such a strong confrontation with Covid-19.”

The researchers asked the volunteers included in the study a variety of questions. These people had to specify how many days a week and for how long they exercised. Statistics show that some people who did not receive intensive care and hospitalization due to coronary artery disease have been exercising regularly for years.

In this study, the average age of participants was 47 years, of which 61.9% were women. Of these, 6.4 percent had regular physical activity and 14.4 percent said they were not physically active. Of the 5,000 patients surveyed in the study, 8.6 percent were hospitalized, 2.4 percent went to intensive care, and unfortunately 1.6 percent died. The results of this study show that inactivity is directly related to the body’s ability to cope with coronary heart disease.

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