New study: The best time for men and women to exercise is different

مطالعه جدید: مناسب‌ترین زمان ورزش زنان و مردان متفاوت است

Exercise is good for the body anytime, anywhere. But new studies show that the best time to exercise is different for men and women. It was found in these studies Women At morning exercise More fat burning have. However, the Fat burning in men The evenings reach their maximum.

difference in هورمون‌ها، Biological clocks Women and men and Sleep and wake cycle Ladies and gentlemen play a role in this outcome.

This study is based on 30 men And 26 زن In the age range 25 to 55 Anniversary was done. These people for 12 weeks They practiced according to an exercise program – including stretching, sprinting, endurance running and endurance.

While everyone was following a specific daily diet plan, to two The groups were divided. The first group does their workouts at the beginning of the day – hours Eight in the morning – started and the second group in a period of time 18 to 20 He practiced.

Researchers before starting Study، blood pressure And body fat People were measured. They also measured these parameters regularly during exercise. Besides that, flexibility، Physical strength And Aerobic power Subjects were measured before and after exercise.

The results showed that regardless of the time period of exercise, individuals’ physical health was improved during 12 weeks of exercise.

The results accurately showed the best exercise time for women who are interested in fat burning In the area Abdominal or thigh Are also women to cut blood pressure They exercise, it is the early hours of the morning. But women who try Muscle strength Raise themselves, it is better to exercise in the evening.

Men in this experiment were less sensitive to training time. In these experiments, it was found that men who seek to increase their physical strength can take turns Morning And Evening Exercise. But evening exercise can lead to improvement heart health And Increase metabolism The body becomes in men.

the doctor “Paul Arsiro»The main author of this study and professor of human health and physiological sciences in college«Skidmore“The best time to exercise is when you are physically fit,” he says in New York. But there is an important point here. The ideal time for men and women to train is different. “If you can take this into account when setting up your exercise program, you will achieve the highest level of efficiency.”

It is not yet clear why men’s and women’s body responses to exercise time were so different. Researchers believe that more extensive studies are needed to answer this question.

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