New treatment for diabetes could help regenerate insulin-producing cells

درمان جدید دیابت می‌تواند به بازتولید سلول‌های سازنده انسولین کمک کند

One of the emerging ways to treat diabetes is to repair or replace those cells in the body that produce insulin. Swedish researchers have now found a molecule that gives Construction of new insulin-producing cells It helps and can be a hope for the treatment of diabetes.

researchers Swedish Karolinska Institute They found that a small molecule called CID661578 could reproduce Beta cells in the pancreas help. Beta cells are the cells that the body with type 1 diabetes can not produce enough of and can regulate blood sugar levels.

The molecule was discovered in previous research, but scientists did not know how it worked and to what extent. To this end, they examined the molecular interactions in yeast cells and found that CID661578 to A protein called MNK2 Connects. Under these conditions, the substrate for the interaction of the other two proteins is provided at higher levels, and eventually beta cells are formed.

They put this molecule in گورخرماهی They tested and found that their blood sugar levels were lower than in the control group. Molecule CID661578 in the laboratory pancreas Pig It also sparked the production of new beta cells and investigated the effect of this molecule on Organs of the pancreas It showed a stronger effect on insulin production.

Research into the treatment of diabetes continues

Dr. Olof Anderson is one of the authors of this article in the journal Nature Chemical Biology “Our findings suggest a new potential for the treatment of diabetes, in which we suggest a possible way to stimulate organs to make new insulin-producing cells,” it said. “Now we want to study the effects of this molecule and similar molecules in the human body and examine its target protein, MNK2, in the tissues of healthy donors and people with diabetes.”

Current treatments for diabetes use manual insulin injections, but certainly stimulating the body to produce insulin can be a much better solution.

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