New WhatsApp feature for all users; Create a group with 512 members

قابلیت جدید واتس‌اپ برای تمامی کاربران؛ ایجاد گروه با 512 عضو

Whatsapp It has been testing various features over the past few months, and now, according to published reports, it allows all users to build groups with restrictions instead of building them. 256 membersGroups with 512 Member Make.

It was announced last month that WhatsApp intends to double the limit on the number of group members for its users. Now according to the report WABetainfoIn the latest beta update of this application for Android, iOS and desktop, users can add up to 512 to their groups.

As you can see in the image above, the total number of people users can add has changed to a maximum of 512 on the Add New Members page. WhatsApp’s biggest competitor, though Telegram It has made it possible for its users to create groups of 200,000 people, but it is still a significant improvement given that the previous limit for the meta messaging app was 250 people.

WhatsApp last month On your blog He wrote about this feature:

“One of the most important requests we have received over and over again is the option of adding more people to a chat, so we intend to slowly add 512 members to a group.”

What users will get the new WhatsApp feature?


Ability to add a maximum of 512 people to a group, in the last Beta version WhatsApp is available to all users. This feature is expected to be available to users in the final and stable version of the application soon. However, some users have claimed in their reports that in Stable version Have also achieved this feature.

WhatsApp has been working on other useful features for its users for some time now. These include sending reactions and feedback using emojis, as well as sending 2 GB files. Meta developers are also working on features such as editing messages and recovering deleted messages for WhatsApp.

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