New WhatsApp feature for iPhone; Play voice messages without having to open the chat page

قابلیت جدید واتس‌اپ برای آیفون؛ پخش پیام صوتی بدون نیاز به باز بودن صفحه چت

about a month ago, Whatsapp It was testing the ability to play voice messages without having to open the chat page. An improved version of this feature has now been released for all iPhone users.

Version 22.4.75 This application Popular messengers Allows users to play their messages and audio files off the chat page. However, after playing your message or audio file, you can go to another chat page, send messages to your other friends, or even do other things in the application environment, and you no longer need to stay on the audio content page being played. Stay.

Recent WhatsApp Updates

The new feature has been added to the WhatsApp platform, while the company has also added some useful features to its application in the past few weeks. Among them, we can mention the possibility of checking voice messages before sending, which is at least one for this application. Great progress is considered.

In addition, version 22.2.75 introduced new features for phones with support for iOS 15. For example, when users receive a WhatsApp notification, the app also displays the profile picture of the person who sent the message to them on the iPhone lock screen. Also the previous version of Focus mode IPhone is also supported, meaning selected users can message you even when this mode is set.

Although WhatsApp releases new features for its users with each update, these features have long been present in other competing applications such as Telegram There were. In fact, Meta does not introduce a new feature for its users and is only improving its platform.

If you want to try out the new features of the app, you can now install the latest version from App Store Do. However, some features may still not be available to you because WhatsApp releases them slowly to all users.

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