Next-generation Intel flagship processor overclock up to 6.9 GHz using liquid nitrogen

Next-generation Intel flagship processor overclock up to 6.9 GHz using liquid nitrogen

A new generation of Intel processors called “Rocket Lake” is on its way and will probably beat AMD’s Raizen 5000 processors. recently Short videos It has been reported that overclocking shows the next generation of Intel’s flagship processor up to 6.9 GHz.

These videos do not provide any new information about Rocket Lake processors, however we do see Intel’s flagship processor cooling with liquid nitrogen. With the release of these videos, Intel is expected to unveil a new generation of processors in the near future, and we may even get to know them officially this week.

The frequency of the 8-core Rocket Lake processor in these videos reaches 6923.56 MHz, and the 8 GB of RAM used in this overclocking has a frequency of 6666.66 MHz. It is possible that Intel will use liquid nitrogen to market Rocket Lake processors, so their performance may not be fully trusted.

The last time Intel used a different cooling system for marketing was in 2018 at Computex. The company showcased a 28-core 5 GHz overclocked processor at the show. The industrial cooler needed for the processor was hidden under a desk, but Intel claimed there was a misunderstanding.

Given the information that has been released to date about the next generation of Intel processors, it does not appear that the company will need such strategies to market it. Rocket Lake uses a new architecture and despite 14-nanometer lithography, it shows up to 20% higher performance than before. Rocket Lake also brings PCIe 4.0 and AVX-512 to the Intel platform.

The next generation of Intel’s flagship processor is expected to have eight processor cores, which, although smaller than the current generation, will still have higher performance compared to it.

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