Nike wants to produce biodegradable sneakers with greenhouse gases

نایکی می‌خواهد با گازهای گلخانه‌ای کفش‌های ورزشی زیست‌تجزیه‌پذیر تولید کند

To date, Nike Sportswear has undertaken projects such as the production of shoes from waste in order to protect the environment. Now the company is producing raw materials from greenhouse gases for the production of sports shoes he thinks.

These new materials are biodegradable, and in addition, large companies can use such technologies to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Nike plans to do such a project in collaboration with biotechnology company Newlight.

Private company Newlight is developing a way to replace carbon with plastic and leather. The company has a proprietary technology called “AirCarbon” in which the amount of carbon dioxide released from the atmosphere is produced more than carbon dioxide. Such a process is called “Carbon Negative”.

In addition, this technology is 100% biodegradable. The raw material production process produces 70% of Nike’s greenhouse gas emissions. Now the company is looking for ways to reduce that impact. “We can’t wait for solutions to prevent climate change, we have to work together to build them,” said a Nike executive.

Newlight AirCarbon technology uses microbes that can convert oxygen and carbon into “polyhydroxybutyrate” or PHB. These microbes that live in the oceans can eat contaminants and turn them into valuable material.

After 10 years, the company was able to find a way to dry PHB and turn it into materials such as paper, fiber and even bulk solids. The company is currently helping Nike to produce carbon-free products with the goal of reducing its carbon production.

According to studies, the garment industry has a large share in the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The fashion industry alone produces about 10 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases and 20 percent of the world’s wastewater.

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