Nobitex R&D Director: There is no escape from a decentralized economy

مدیر تحقیق و توسعه نوبیتکس: راه گریزی از اقتصاد غیرمتمرکز وجود ندارد

The director of research and development at Nobitex attributed Iran’s backwardness to the monopoly and lack of grounds for managers to make a courageous decision to enter a decentralized economy or “defai”. According to him, it is the future of the world economy and there is no escape from it.

“Decentralization is a form of idealism and collective will,” said Mohammad Ali Aghamir.

He believes that with the advancement of technology, some of the reasons for the existence of governing and regulatory institutions in some sectors can be replaced: “The integration of politics with the economy can be summed up in these centralized intermediary institutions.”

Unprotected printing of money, centralized financial arteries of the world such as Swift, etc. are symbols of deviation from the path of sustainable and universal economic development in the world according to Mr. Mir.

“Blockchain technology has provided new solutions for transparency, public accessibility and data security,” he said, adding that decentralized financial programs are also the only hope for a better future in the economy.

The director of research and development at Nobitex referred to a brief history of Difai since 2008 and said:

“Transparency, public access, greater security and discretion of individuals over their assets, interoperability, distribution of decision-making power, elimination of intermediaries and reduction of centralized involvement are some of the hallmarks of smart contracts and financial services based on smart contracts.”

In the blockchain industry, he said, data is stored in a completely transparent manner and is available to the public; At the same time, privacy is protected.

Referring to another important concept in Difai, namely the lack of a license, Aghamir said, “An important obstacle to disunity and innovation is the need for a license from centralized institutions, which is sometimes accompanied by conflicts of interest, but in a decentralized economy.” This barrier has been removed to a good extent. “On the other hand, each person’s property is at his own disposal and it does not need to be at the disposal of the person or intermediary.”

Draw a vision for the future of Defy

The co-founder of the Nobitex cryptocurrency exchange platform went on to say that all services today have an alternative in the blockchain world: Lending and lending platform, decentralized exchange platform, building artificial assets in our blockchain network in exchange for real-world assets or asset transfer, information From the outside world to blockchain, the creation of a decentralized stable coin, a decentralized insurance platform, etc. are examples of defy projects that are implemented on a decentralized blockchain platform.

“The crypto economy was about $ 0.13 trillion in 2019 and $ 1.7 trillion in 2022,” he said.

“Today, despite the cryptocurrency market downturn, nearly $ 100 billion in assets are locked in defy projects. “Nearly ten billion dollars of assets are locked in platforms like Aveh, which shows the potential of Difai, and now is a great opportunity to enter this field.”

Regarding the future of Difai, Aqamir believes that moving towards self-governing systems with the participation of activists in this context with the help of government tokens, creating decentralized exchange platforms, improving infrastructure and reducing costs, explaining legal infrastructure, etc. will be part of Difai’s possible future: “However, the concepts of defy still have a long way to go before they mature and mature, as well as the confrontation between centralized institutions and the attempt to divert the goals of such a system.”

“Iran’s monopoly on the development of a decentralized economy is zero,” said Nobitex, director of research and development. They are considered defenses, but our hope is in brave and decisive managers to value and enter the decentralized economy; “Because this is the future of the world economy and there is no escape from it, and the need for strong actors to play a role and prevent this path from deviating is similar to other economic areas in the hands of the world superpowers.”

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