Nokia is suing Oppo for patent infringement

نوکیا از اوپو بخاطر نقص پتنت‌ شکایت می‌کند

It seems that the non-renewal of the agreement on the use of Nokia patents by Oppo will be a problem for them, because Nokia intends to sue the Chinese company in several different countries.

Nokia, like many other companies in the technology and telecommunications industry, is very protective of its patents. The Finnish company has signed agreements with many companies using their registered patents and is suing companies if they are used without a license.

Now according to the report IAMNokia seems to have decided to sue Oppo in four countries – Britain, France, Germany and India – for violating the law and using one of its patents without permission.

The reason for Nokia’s decision is that the Chinese company Oppo has refused to renew the license agreement between the two companies to use some special patents that were signed in 2018. FOSS Patents also reported on this issue It points to That Nokia intends to use the same legal teams that have already won the Lenovo and Daimler cases, so this will be a “quick fight.”

According to a statement from Nokia, negotiations between the two companies appear to have taken place, but Oppo has decided to go ahead and has rejected all of Nokia’s offers. The statement said:

“We are renewing the patent license agreement with Oppo, but unfortunately they have rejected our fair and reasonable offers. Litigation is always our last resort, and we have proposed an independent and impartial arbitration to resolve this issue amicably. “We still believe this can be the most constructive way to progress.”

It seems that this problem will end in only two ways. Either Nokia is declared the legal winner and Oppo will pay the specified amount to the company or Oppo agrees to extend the agreement. Given that Nokia has so far been very successful in its patent litigation, Oppo’s chances are slim, but some surprises may still occur.

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