Nokia logo change after 45 years

Nokia logo change after 45 years

The Nokia logo was changed after 45 years with the aim of changing the overall strategy of this big company.

On the eve of the World Congress of Mobile Phones in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčNokia announced that it will change its brand identity for the first time in the last 60 years. In this regard, the company unveiled its new logo for the technology media. Evidence shows that Nokia is changing its logo after 45 years. By changing its logo, this company announced that it will soon prepare comprehensive plans for the production of telecommunication equipment.

Nokia logo change; Pekka Lundmark’s vision for the future of this company

According to Gsmarena news agency, “Pekka Lundmark”, after assuming the CEO seat of Nokia in 2020, considered a new strategy for the company, which includes three stages; Resetting, accelerating and paying attention to the scale of development. Now, after completing the reset phase, the mentioned company has put all its focus on the second turn (acceleration).

Changing the Nokia logo

In the new Nokia logo, users will no longer face its blue color, but this logo can adapt to different colors depending on its application context. Lundmark confirmed that Nokia is now recognized as a business technology company. Nokia no longer focuses entirely on mobile phones.

In addition to developing its telecom equipment business, Nokia will also focus on selling equipment to other businesses. The company is now focusing on developing private 5G networks and automated factory equipment to become a viable competitor to Microsoft and Amazon. Lundmark also noted that Nokia is expanding into other areas of technology.

We have to wait and see that the company Nokia What programs and products will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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