Nokia offices are being redesigned to adapt to post-Crown business conditions around the world

دفاتر نوکیا برای سازگاری با شرایط کاری دوران پساکرونا در سراسر جهان بازطراحی می‌شوند

The Finnish company Nokia wants to redesign its offices around the world to prepare the work environment for post-Crohn’s conditions. The company’s offices in 130 countries are set to become more flexible and have new features.

According to reports Bloomberg, Nokia wants to continue the benefits of telecommuting employees during the global epidemic. From next year, the company will devote about 70 percent of its work space to employee group activities, while allowing its workforce to work remotely three days a week.

“The epidemic has forced organizations to change,” said Nokia CEO Pecca Lundmark. Technology has given humans the tools they need to innovate. In many cases, the result has been so good that we no longer want to go back to the old ways. “We are currently accelerating the transition process to transform our offices into a fully hybrid work environment.”

Nokia’s new rules apply to all 92,000 of the company’s global employees. With the help of a smart app, employees can determine when to be at work and use office facilities. The new policy follows a poll of more than a quarter of Nokia’s workforce. 91% of participants said that they maintained or increased their work efficiency during telecommuting and therefore want to continue the situation in a hybrid system.

Nokia says it has piloted some of its offices, including the Dallas, Singapore and Budapest branches. Other offices are expected to experience these changes soon to become hybrids.

Many companies, especially in the world of technology, have changed their policies due to the coronavirus epidemic and will adopt new methods of work in the future. A month and a half ago, Google announced that it wanted to bring employees back to work by making structural changes to their buildings while maintaining safety.

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