North Korea has been accused of trying to steal information from the Pfizer vaccine

North Korea has been accused of trying to steal information from the Pfizer vaccine

South Korea’s intelligence service has claimed that North Korean-linked hackers attacked Pfizer and sought to steal information about the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the news agency “یونهاپSouth Korea’s national intelligence agency has briefed Korean lawmakers on North Korean hacker attacks on Pfizer. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

North Korea has not reported a single case of coronavirus, but is scheduled to receive 2 million doses of the Astrazenka-Oxford corona vaccine in the coming weeks. The country closed its borders in January 2020, shortly after the outbreak of coronavirus in China.

Corona vaccine companies have already been targeted by cyber attacks. In late July 2020, US, British, and Canadian intelligence services accused Russian-affiliated hackers of trying to steal the Corona vaccine investigation.

In late November (November 2020), Microsoft announced that hackers in North Korea and Russia had targeted at least nine health organizations, including Pfizer. The software giant said in a report that the North Korean-affiliated Zinc and Cerium hacking groups and the Russian government-affiliated Fancy Bear hacking group were responsible for the attacks.

The Kremlin has denied stealing Corona vaccine information from other countries using hacking attacks. Although many of the attacks failed, Microsoft warned that hackers had in some cases succeeded in stealing information. In late December, Pfizer and Baywantek confirmed the theft of Corona vaccine documents by hackers.

The BBC reports that North Korea is probably one of the most active countries in stealing information about the Crohn’s vaccine. North Korea is a closed country but with advanced cyber power that targets other countries for stealing trade secrets and generating revenue.

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