Nvidia and Microsoft cooperation to build a cloud computer with artificial intelligence

Nvidia and Microsoft cooperation to build a cloud computer with artificial intelligence

last wednesday Nvidia It unveiled its new partnership with Microsoft to build a large-scale cloud computer with a focus on artificial intelligence. According to reports, this computer will use tens of thousands of Nvidia GPUs and will be used for deep learning and artificial intelligence applications.

These two companies plan to turn this computer into one of the most powerful cloud computers in the world with the support of artificial intelligence. The new supercomputer is going to use thousands of units of the most powerful accelerators and NVIDIA Hopper H100 GPUs for its impressive performance.

Nvidia will also use its second powerful GPU, the A100, on the Quantum-2 InfiniBand network platform, which is capable of transferring data at a speed of 400 Gbps. Meanwhile, Microsoft makes its Azure cloud infrastructure available for use in this project. However, Nvidia’s industrial AI platform ultimately brings all the technologies together.

Nvidia Microsoft artificial intelligence

These companies will also use DeepSpeed, Microsoft’s optimization and deep learning software. In the past year, we have seen a rapid increase in semi-supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence models, and in these models, algorithms use existing data such as images, sounds, and text to generate completely new data that is similar to the real world.

With these developments, the demand for these types of computers and artificial intelligence algorithms has also increased, and in the same direction, Microsoft and Nvidia will try to respond to these needs. According to recent statements and Nvidia’s statements in this regard, when the cloud computing and artificial intelligence of these two companies are implemented, its customers will be able to implement thousands of GPUs in a cloud cluster to build the most advanced language models and computer systems on a large scale.

These two important technology companies have not yet provided details regarding the final time of this service’s preparation, but it has been mentioned that this is a multi-year collaboration and over time it is even possible that its execution capacity will increase.

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