Nvidia-based supercomputer record in the energy sector compared to AMD Frontier

Nvidia-based supercomputer record in the energy sector compared to AMD Frontier

It seams Nvidia It has recently surpassed AMD in the power provided in terms of watts of supercomputer hardware, and recently the Henri supercomputer based on the H100 computing graphics processor has been able to record a new performance record.

However, these computing GPUs are already leading the pack in terms of power delivered per watt. The supercomputer of the Flatiron Institute in New York was built using Xeon Platinum 8362 CPUs (Ice Lake) and Nvidia H100 computing GPUs and accelerators, and it was put into operation this week, and it was determined in the tests that the world’s top supercomputer Frontier, which uses Built from AMD EPYC CPUs and AMD Radeon Instinct MI250X graphics accelerators, it has beaten in some areas.

Lenovo has taken responsibility for the construction of this supercomputer and currently it ranks 405th in the list of 500 supercomputers with a performance of 2.04 petaflops, which in itself is not interesting at all, but what is remarkable is that this supercomputer consumes only 31 kilowatts of electricity. which is a world record in this field with an energy efficiency of 65.091 gigaflops per watt.

Supercomputer Henri

To compare this figure, it should be acknowledged that the Frontier supercomputer works with a computing performance of 62.684 petaflops per watt. A gigaflop or gigaflop is the amount of logical variable operations in one second, while a teraflop refers to one trillion of these operations per second. Meanwhile, petaflop, which is the highest of all, refers to 1 quadrillion operations per second.

According to today’s standards, the Henri supercomputer is a relatively simple supercomputer that uses the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 server maintenance system with cooling support. This computer also has a 32-core Xeon Platinum 8362 chip and 80 Nvidia H100 80GB graphics accelerators.

Using air cooling for a relatively small system may have another effect on its performance results per watt. However, Nvidia’s latest compute GPUs generally deliver impressive performance.

Nvidia-based supercomputers have fared better in terms of providing better performance per watt in the 500 list, and many have come to expect this from the H100 products. Meanwhile, the AMD EPYC and Instinct MI250X based supercomputers did not appear favorable in terms of computing performance per watt.

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