Nvidia is working on AI-optimized drivers

Nvidia is working on AI-optimized drivers

Artificial intelligence has already been implemented at a medium and low level in computer technologies and in drivers GPU There is also Nvidia, but the scale of the use of these technologies and their goals and complexity have not yet been widely developed, however, according to new rumors, it seems that Nvidia intends to use artificial intelligence more actively in its drivers. .

In this regard, in the new news, it is claimed that Nvidia is further optimizing the artificial intelligence by focusing on instructions, throughput, hardware usage and graphics driver settings. However, it is not clear how this type of optimization will work on the user side.

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience already allows users to use optimized settings for each game, and it’s an automated process that Nvidia has developed based on performance results on different, well-known systems.

Nvidia artificial intelligence driver

A very similar feature is also being developed in AMD software, which was recently introduced by the red team under the name of HYPER-RX technology, which includes Radeon Super Resolution, system features to improve driver performance, and also improve latency.

This unofficial news does not provide any details about the hardware requirements to support these AI-based optimizations, and considering that the new GPU series of Nvidia supports new features such as DLSS, it is possible that this feature will only be available on cards The RTX 40 series will be available.

If Nvidia decides to apply these types of optimizations in the future, we can expect a 10% increase in performance on average, and this value is also considered appropriate to affect the final user experience.

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