Nvidia: Laptop makers should announce RTX 30 graphics card specifications

Nvidia: Laptop makers should announce RTX 30 graphics card specifications

Nvidia unveiled RTX 30 series graphics cards for laptops at CES 2021, and now the company has asked laptop makers to be transparent about the power of these GPUs in their products.

Nvidia spokesperson recently announced Laptop makers should display the graphics card specifications, including frequency and power consumption, on the online page of their products. However, companies do not have to announce the GPU type, Max-Q, because it is no longer part of the Nvidia graphics card name.

The Max-Q is now only used to indicate that RTX 30 series graphics cards use features such as “Whisper Mode 2” and “Dynamic Boost 2” to improve performance and efficiency. In the past, the use of the term Max-Q indicated the overall performance of the graphics card without knowing details such as frequency.

Nvidia’s recent move will benefit buyers as they can realize its graphics capabilities before ordering or launching a new laptop. Users and gamers can make a better purchase by knowing the exact specifications of the GPU.

By sharing these specifications, the consumer will be better informed about the performance of the laptop he wants than before, and for example, he can understand the reason why the product with the RTX 3070 graphics card is superior to the laptop with the RTX 3080. Since the Max-Q brand no longer represents the capabilities of a GPU, transparency about frequency and power consumption is important.


According to an Nvidia spokesman, the company has asked companies to update the product pages of the GeForce graphics card:

“We urge all laptop manufacturers to update their product pages according to the features of Max-Q technology for each GeForce laptop, as well as their frequency and power consumption, which indicates the performance of the GPU in a system.”

Some companies, such as Asus, are currently sharing this data with customers, and all companies are expected to do so in the near future.

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