Nvidia: Our two AI chips design better chips in 10 days than 10 people achieve in one year

انویدیا: دو تراشه AI ما در چند روز تراشه‌ای بهتر از دستاورد 10 نفر در یکسال طراحی می‌کنند

Nvidia is one of the leading companies in the field Artificial intelligence (AI) is now claiming that its two AI graphics graphics chips can perform much faster and, of course, better than manpower in terms of chip design.

Nvidia produces GPUs and various chips, and each year, with the introduction of new hardware, tries to advance in the field of artificial intelligence. So it is no surprise that the company is developing artificial intelligence with chip design capability by placing two graphics chips side by side.

Nvidia’s AI works much faster than humans

According to Said The company began designing the chips using a standard cellular design generator called “Bill Dolly,” Nvidia’s senior vice president of research. NVCell has done. The system, according to Nvidia, can not only detect human errors, but also be able to design chips at much faster speeds than humans.

Apparently, two Nvidia GPUs can accomplish 92% of what 10 people do in almost a year in a matter of days. Dolly says about NVCell:

“NVCell does two things for us. One is that there is a lot of savings in labor. What a group of 10 people can do to move a new technology library in one year, two chips can now do in a matter of days. After that, the manpower can do the remaining 8%. In addition, in many cases we come across a better design. “So we both save on labor and get better design than human design.”

Nvidia is not the only company to be amazed at the AI ​​capabilities of chip design. Google also said last year that it was influenced by machine learning performance in terms of chip design.

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