Nvidia Ultra-Slim Virtual Reality Glasses Compete With Large Headset

عینک واقعیت مجازی فوق‌العاده باریک انویدیا رقیب هدست‌های بزرگ می‌شود

«Nvidia“In collaboration with the university”StanfordExamines the production of virtual reality glasses using holographic displays. These glasses only 2.5 mm thick And have high speed in image processing using artificial intelligence.

One of the biggest disadvantages of headphones virtual reality They have their appearance. These headsets are like one Camera Big, heavy binoculars are placed on the face and make us look like space people!

But Nvidia is trying Fix this problem. The company recently partnered with the University Stanford He has published a research paper in which the construction of a very thin holographic virtual reality glasses is examined.

First, let’s look at why virtual reality headsets are so big and heavy. These headsets are big enough Optical magnifying glass Displays are relevant. Each eye of the headset has a magnifying glass. On the other hand, in order to adapt the technology used in these magnifying glasses, there must be a certain distance between the two eyes, which is another reason for the large size of these headsets.

So far, other techniques have been explored to reduce the distance between binoculars and monitors. for example, “Pancake lensesAre able to take the optical path Through folding Reduce, but face not-so-interesting limitations. This technology is only capable of displaying two-dimensional images. The other methods that the researchers tested also have their drawbacks – most of them Low resolution Have at the output.

But what Nvidia and Stanford researchers suggest has a very different function. They are on construction Holographic display Very thin focus that is able to face images Two-dimensional or Three-dimensional Displayed. This is while the thickness of this display only 2.5 mm will be.

How do researchers succeed in making these virtual reality glasses?

In conventional headsets, the main cause of the gap between the lens and the display is large size and high weight. But in virtual reality glasses designed, a tool called «Light modulator»Used to be able to image images Hologram Create in front of the user’s eyes.

But that’s not the whole story. Researchers to improve the quality of images of techniques Artificial intelligence They are used to speed up the production of holographic images by computer.

In other words, they consider the quality and size of images as a computational problem and try to display images with better resolution by speeding up the computational process.

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