Official: Nintendo will not attend E3 2023

Official: Nintendo will not attend E3 2023

Nintendo has confirmed that it has no plans to attend E3 2023.

According to VGC news agency, “Nintendo” company, by publishing a statement, officially announced that it will not participate in E3 2023. This ceremony in June (23 to 26 June 1402) It will be held in 2023. The text of Nintendo’s withdrawal from E3 2023 is as follows:

Our approach to participating in events is reviewed case by case and we have always considered different ways to entertain our fans. Since this year’s E3 event is not compatible with our plans, we decided not to attend it. However, we will always remain a strong and staunch supporter of ESA (the company that organizes E3).

Nintendo not attending E3 2023

Nintendo not participating in E3 2023; Confirmation of Ubisoft’s presence at this year’s event!

Along with Nintendo’s official withdrawal, Sony announced earlier this month that it will not attend E3 2023. So far, only Ubisoft has been confirmed to attend this year’s E3 event. Microsoft previously announced that it will hold a separate event in downtown Los Angeles this summer. However, in an interview with IGN, Microsoft emphasized that it will not be present at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Details of the revised ceremony format E3 2023 It was recently revealed that the event is expected to be held in two separate sessions over four days. This year’s E3 sponsor ReedPop told VGC:

We have received great news about the interest of the big makers of the gaming industry in this event. We are sure that much anticipated titles will be announced at this event.

  • Confirmation of Ubisoft’s presence at E3 2023
  • The absence of Xbox, Nintendo and Sony at E3 2023 in June

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