Official: Xbox will attend E3 2023 in person

Official: Xbox will attend E3 2023 in person

Xbox has announced that it has no plans to hold an in-person demonstration at E3 2023, but will participate in the digital and non-in-person event.

The spokesperson of “Xbox” announced in an interview with the IGN news agency that the exclusive Xbox Games Showcase event will take place on the date June 11 (June 21, 1402) will be held. He also added that “Xbox” will be a part of the E3 digital week program, but it will not have a plan to perform the show in person.

Earlier this year, this news agency confirmed that Sony, Nintendo and Xbox will not participate in E3 2023 in person. Nintendo announced its absence from E3 2023 in late February. Microsoft has already announced that it will return to Los Angeles this summer for an exclusive event. So far, Ubisoft’s presence at this year’s E3 conference has been somewhat confirmed. “Ubisoft” announced that if E3 is held, it will participate in this conference and tends to show many things.

Xbox presence at E3 2023 digital week

Of course, “Xbox” confirmed that it will participate in E3 2023 digital week. E3 Digital Week coincides with Microsoft’s summer event and features live performances from Guerilla Collective and other bands. The organizers of E3 2023 have not yet released information about the participation of AAA studios in the event. They said in an announcement yesterday that the names of AAA exhibitors will be officially announced before the conference.

Xbox E3 2023

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has already made his support for E3 public. He said the E3 conference is one of “The most important events of the gaming industry” Is. “Spencer” fully explained about this:

The Xbox has always been towards the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). I think a healthy and successful ESA is critical to moving our work forward. So we’re holding our event at E3 when it’s available to the press and consumers. This is what we do. We will continue our cooperation with ESA as planned. We want to make sure we do everything we can to help make E3 a success.

The E3 2023 physical conference will be held in two “Business” and “Gamer Days” sections since 2019. E3 2023’s “business” audience is mostly professionals, while the “gaming” audience is mostly casual players and fans. This conference during the days June 13 to June 16 (June 23 to June 26, 1402) It will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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