On the occasion of the iPhone 15th anniversary: ​​Three factors that were close to cause the iPhone to fail

به مناسبت 15 سالگی آیفون: سه عاملی که نزدیک بود باعث شکست آیفون شود

Steve Jobs attended the MacWorld event in 2007 and unveiled a product that could revolutionize the mobile market. But from the very beginning, the iPhone faced three serious problems that could even cause the product to fail in the market. Today, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the iPhone, we are examining these factors.

The mobile phone that Steve Jobs took to the stage that year came as a surprise to everyone and soon became the most successful product in history. The iPhone made Apple the most valuable company in the world and changed the market completely. But in the beginning, three threatening factors were lurking in the iPhone and it was close to failing this project.

Contract with AT&T

Prior to the launch of the iPhone, the capabilities of most handsets were determined by the operators, and many unused tools were placed on the phones to generate revenue for these companies. Steve Jobs convinced AT&T to be the sole operator of the iPhone. Instead, Apple earned $ 10 a month per user and had complete control over the design of its phone.

If Apple could not sign a contract with one of the operators, the iPhone would not be made. Apple itself did not have a telecommunications network and needed to work with an operator to launch the smartphone.

The App Store was almost non-existent

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, there were only 16 apps. There was no news from the App Store, and no other third-party apps were available. Except for Google Maps, which of course did not support step-by-step routing due to the lack of GPS on the iPhone, there was no other app for this phone.

Steve Jobs acknowledged in 2008 that the iPhone needed a store to allow developers to get their apps to users. This decision was one of the most important decisions in the history of Apple’s business and changed the way of receiving information and entertainment on the iPhone. The App Store has now become one of the cornerstones of the iPhone’s platform success, bringing in a lot of revenue for Apple.

On the occasion of the iPhone 15th anniversary ​​Three factors On the occasion of the iPhone 15th anniversary: ​​Three factors that were close to cause the iPhone to fail 2

There were no products until a few months before the release of the iPhone

The iPhone prototype was released as a demo in 2006 but was full of problems. The software of this phone had many bugs and the product was not ready to be released to the market at all. Jobs brought Apple engineers back to their desks to fix the stress of iPhone problems within a few months.

Apple had set a deadline that they had to adhere to, so it was not possible for them to accept defeat. The company’s engineers finally managed to bring the iPhone to MacWorld the following year and introduce a product that was a revolution in the world of mobile phones.

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