One of the reasons for the high mortality of men from heart disease has been discovered: the loss of the Y chromosome

یکی از دلایل مرگ‌ومیر بالای مردان بر اثر بیماری قلبی کشف شد: از بین رفتن کروموزوم Y

Researchers have found in a new study that Y chromosome It can be lost in some cells during the aging process, increasing the risk of heart problems and vascular diseases. The loss of the Y chromosome has been known to scientists for years, but this research confirms its role in the occurrence of diseases.

A group of researchers in a research whose results are in the journal Science Published, using the CRISPR tool used to edit DNA, they have been able to remove repetitive sequences in genetic material. to identify. Using this tool, they removed the Y chromosome in mice and found that, although the absence of this chromosome did not immediately affect the young mice, it did cause aging process It didn’t happen properly in them and these animals died earlier than other animals that had more Y chromosomes.

Mice with fewer Y chromosomes also had more damage to their heart tissue and after exposure Heart failure They lost the functions of this vital organ earlier. However, the use of drugs that prevent damage to the heart can help restore lost heart functions.

How dangerous is the destruction of the Y chromosome?

The researchers then went on to analyze data from the UK Biobank. They found that men who were in more than 40 percent White blood cells have lost their Y chromosome. 31 percent More than normal people are exposed to death due to cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the risk of failure or heart diseases in these people Two to three times will be

The scientists say that although their research was focused on heart problems, they found that the loss of the egg chromosome leads to kidneys And lungs It has also damaged and caused cognitive defects. Therefore, future research may provide us with more information in this field.

Men usually have a shorter lifespan than women. This problem can be affected by genetic differences in chromosomes. Therefore, it is necessary for scientists to take issues such as the loss of the Y chromosome seriously and look for ways to prevent and treat heart problems in this group of people.

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