OnePlus is apparently working on the development of a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies

وان پلاس ظاهرا روی توسعه کیف پول دیجیتالی مخصوص رمزارزها کار می‌کند

The cryptocurrency market has a large audience, and some companies have offered digital wallets to attract the attention and service of their users. OnePlus also appears to be working on the development of Ramzarz’s own wallet.

According to a recent OnePlus poll, the Chinese company may enter the field of cryptocurrencies. Over the past year, the cryptocurrency market has fluctuated a lot, and in the same period, the market has seen prices rise and fall.

In its survey, which has five different sections, OnePlus asked its users to answer some questions in addition to providing information such as age and some other personal information. Say, for example, whether they have ever invested in cryptocurrencies and what platforms they prefer to use to check for fluctuations in their value. In other words, the survey raises the possibility that OnePlus may be looking to launch its own cryptocurrency wallet.

In addition, users are asked to select a list of wallets or platforms they have used to trade or check the value of cryptocurrencies. Users are even asked if they use the mentioned platforms with mobile phones, tablets or personal computers. Other issues, such as non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) and the purchase of second-hand mobile phones, were also seen in the survey.

Keep in mind that OnePlus has not yet announced any official news about its proprietary Ramzarz wallet, and the above news, based on the company’s poll, expresses the relevant speculations. So we have to wait for the official news from OnePlus or reputable publications.

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